About us

Who are we ?

Zandla is an African based online marketplace which aims to sell premium quality products made in Africa to Africans and to the rest of the world.

Zandla is seeking to extract what Africa has at its best and tell the world that we are One Continent, 54 Countries and we are definitely competitive.

Zandla has amazing products with international standards and we are very much excited to share it with millions of customers from Cape Town HQ.

With Zandla, you will discover unique piece of crafts, either Arts, Jewelries , New fashion Couture, amazing Coffee and Tea. Organic scents, Organic medicine and many more

At Zandla, we like telling stories, not only about the product but also how it was made… So customers will get to see it only here at ZandlaTV

By supporting Zandla, you will also help Zandla Social Development Program which aims to invest in small businesses and all NGO working to alter the life of millions in Africa.


Our mission

Zandla mission is to help display all the treasures made in Africa through its marketplace.

The among of talents in Africa is rising with the quality of  life. We have noticed the hidden passion in most individuals or companies in Africa .

Through Zandla , we’ll like to share it with customers in Africa and around the world.