Blue Foldable Shopper




Our popular African themed foldable shoulder bag. The print design on this bag is called shweshwe, a well known, traditional African fabric.

Benefits of our blue foldable shopper include;

  • Pure, preshrunk Cotton – material softens with use
  • Locally Produced
  • Helps minimise the use of plastic bags, as only 10% of plastic is recycled word-wide
  • Made from Sturdy Material
  • Can be folded into the attached pouch
  • Convenient to carry as the broad straps are comfortable on your shoulder
  • Reversible shweshwe print
  • Can easily fit into a handbag or coat pocket in it’s pouch, for unplanned shopping excursions
  • Has a unique, aesthetically pleasing design

Dimensions (approximate, as sizes may vary slightly as this product is made individually);

  • Width 44cm
  • Strap to Base: 67cm


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We believe in community upliftment. We rely on individuals and small local businesses to bring our designs and and products to life.


We contract with the seamstresses directly to ensure that they receive fair payment for their services. In this way, your product can be traced to a specific maker and our impact is more personal.